When most people think of scientists, they picture ugly, old curmudgeons in lab coats that spend days on end in dusty laboratory dungeons. Science itself, to many, is merely the monotonous investigation of dry topics that are rarely cared about. The scientific process is boring, the people that conduct science are lame, and their findings are usually less than interesting.

Most people are wrong. Science is actually really fucking Metal.

Take, for example, the life of one famous chemist, Marie Curie.

Marie Curie, Badass

Working with her husband and fellow scientist, Madam Curie was one of the first scientists to figure out how radiation works, eventually discovering the elements polonium and radium. Of course, since they were the first wave of people figuring out how radiation worked, they had no one to tell them about radiation sickness or what to do to protect themselves from it.

But did this daunt Madam Curie? Of course not. She was Metal to the core. In this case, the highly unstable, emitting deadly radiation left and right core kind of core.

And so she was sick most of her adult life, as a direct result of her constant exposure to radiation. “She continually rubbed her fingertips together because of the radiation damage to them from handling sources, she developed cataracts (the lens of the eye is particularly sensitive to radiation), and she was constantly fatigued, “ writes an author from the Health Physics Society. Her husband died in a street accident in 1906, leaving Marie alone with several children. But did that slow her down? Of course not. Instead of whining about it, she just took his job and was therefore the first female professor at the Sorbonne.

Totally fucking metal.

Even leaving out all the Badass facts about her escape from Poland during Russian rule, working the fucking FRONT LINES with her mobile X-Ray units during World War I, and winning multiple Nobel Prizes working with very limited funds, it’s clear Marie Cure led a very Metal life. Not surprisingly, her death in 1934 was brought about by what her family and most experts believe was radiation poisoning. Radium, the element she spent her entire life working to understand, both made her chronically sick and eventually killed her. Brutal.

Marie Curie makes the rest of us look like pansies because she is a classic example of how truly Metal scientists and their science can be. More people need to appreciate this ill-known fact, and so with this blog I will attempt to educate my readers, whether you be privy to science or one of our more scientifically disinclined citizens, and especially if you are not knowledgeable about Metal music. Science is seriously fucking metal, and this fact has gone unappreciated for far too long.

Science is Metal. Get used to it.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Marie Curie was a pistol. May I humbly nominate Grace Hopper as the next example of a badass.