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Posted: 22nd September 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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I had an incredibly fun weekend with a friend visiting from Seattle, and have basically been partying all weekend. I’m pretty behind on sleep, and had to wake up early this Monday morning to complete a rather pointless assignment for a writing class. It felt pretty brutal. …But not as brutal as this snake, the […]

Once I nearly suffocated because I wanted to see this dude wearing a KFC chicken bucket on his head play fancy guitar. Guns N’ Roses will always be one of my favorite bands. I grew up on Guns and Roses – my mom rode bitch in the Chosen Few, the largest US biker gang after […]

Heavy Metal Music Chelator

Posted: 13th September 2014 by Metal Chick in Project Ideas
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I want a Heavy Metal Music Chelator to exist. From Wikipedia: “The chelate effect describes the enhanced affinity of chelating ligands for a metal ion compared to the affinity of a collection of similar nonchelating (monodentate) ligands for the same metal.” In other words, chelators bond to the metal atoms in various compounds and keep […]