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I am literally metal now

Posted: 21st March 2017 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Things that are Metal

Titanium isn’t quite as cool as adamantium, but I’ll take it.   As cool as my x-rays have been, I strongly recommend against breaking your leg. Zero stars. But if it happens to you, just know that it’s not all bad. I even wrote up a silly Buzzfeed article to keep up the spirits of […]

“Death Will Surely Follow”

Posted: 7th November 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Project Ideas, Things that are Metal

Once upon a time at Harvard, I was working on a review of the Death Cap mushroom for the journal Mycologia, when I got distracted for half a year and wrote this popular science article for Slate instead. Since starting my new grad program at Berkeley, I’ve picked this project back up and am slowly making progress. […]

In many ways, Harry Potter had a pretty brutal life. He was orphaned, had abusive foster parents, and a spooky nose-less dude with a huge-ass snake tried to kill him all the time. Harry Potter had to fight hard for years against tough odds, and that’s metal. And though being a scientist is also metal, […]


Posted: 22nd September 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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I had an incredibly fun weekend with a friend visiting from Seattle, and have basically been partying all weekend. I’m pretty behind on sleep, and had to wake up early this Monday morning to complete a rather pointless assignment for a writing class. It felt pretty brutal. …But not as brutal as this snake, the […]

Think back for a minute. Think back to, say, junior high, and try to remember what horrible music you listened to. When I think back to junior high, my cd player was usually blaring some pretty awful nu-metal like Nine Inch Nails and KoRn. It took me a while to discover real death and black […]

A lot of great bands have made great music since Day 1, and continue to produce amazing music as they mature. My personal favorite, Children of Bodom, is a prime example. Other bands start off sort of rocky, but quickly get their act together and become legends: think Ozzy Osbourne. You might think the first […]

So Grad School Begins

Posted: 13th January 2013 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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Much like a high-energy thrash metal song, my first semester of grad school was over before I really understood what was happening. There was a lot to do. At home, I was still setting up my living space, so a lot of my spare time at the beginning was spent on mundane things like unpacking […]

Preparing for Graduate School

Posted: 13th January 2013 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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It’s winter break now. My first semester of grad school: Complete. I got so wrapped up in grad school that I didn’t make any posts my first semester. My apologies, dear readers: I let myself get so completely engrossed in Grad school that I didn’t have time for A. Single. Post. ‘Woah!’ you might be […]