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I’m super excited to announce I’ve launched a Citizen Science project to learn more about the animal enemies of mushrooms in the genus Amanita, especially my study species Amanita phalloides. You can enter data for the project on iNaturalist, here. If the word limit there leaves you yearning for more background on why we launched the […]

I am literally metal now

Posted: 21st March 2017 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Things that are Metal

Titanium isn’t quite as cool as adamantium, but I’ll take it.   As cool as my x-rays have been, I strongly recommend against breaking your leg. Zero stars. But if it happens to you, just know that it’s not all bad. I even wrote up a silly Buzzfeed article to keep up the spirits of […]

“Death Will Surely Follow”

Posted: 7th November 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Project Ideas, Things that are Metal

Once upon a time at Harvard, I was working on a review of the Death Cap mushroom for the journal Mycologia, when I got distracted for half a year and wrote this popular science article for Slate instead. Since starting my new grad program at Berkeley, I’ve picked this project back up and am slowly making progress. […]

In many ways, Harry Potter had a pretty brutal life. He was orphaned, had abusive foster parents, and a spooky nose-less dude with a huge-ass snake tried to kill him all the time. Harry Potter had to fight hard for years against tough odds, and that’s metal. And though being a scientist is also metal, […]


Posted: 22nd September 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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I had an incredibly fun weekend with a friend visiting from Seattle, and have basically been partying all weekend. I’m pretty behind on sleep, and had to wake up early this Monday morning to complete a rather pointless assignment for a writing class. It felt pretty brutal. …But not as brutal as this snake, the […]

Think back for a minute. Think back to, say, junior high, and try to remember what horrible music you listened to. When I think back to junior high, my cd player was usually blaring some pretty awful nu-metal like Nine Inch Nails and KoRn. It took me a while to discover real death and black […]

A lot of great bands have made great music since Day 1, and continue to produce amazing music as they mature. My personal favorite, Children of Bodom, is a prime example. Other bands start off sort of rocky, but quickly get their act together and become legends: think Ozzy Osbourne. You might think the first […]

So Grad School Begins

Posted: 13th January 2013 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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Much like a high-energy thrash metal song, my first semester of grad school was over before I really understood what was happening. There was a lot to do. At home, I was still setting up my living space, so a lot of my spare time at the beginning was spent on mundane things like unpacking […]

Preparing for Graduate School

Posted: 13th January 2013 by Metal Chick in Grad School
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It’s winter break now. My first semester of grad school: Complete. I got so wrapped up in grad school that I didn’t make any posts my first semester. My apologies, dear readers: I let myself get so completely engrossed in Grad school that I didn’t have time for A. Single. Post. ‘Woah!’ you might be […]