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I’m super excited to announce I’ve launched a Citizen Science project to learn more about the animal enemies of mushrooms in the genus Amanita, especially my study species Amanita phalloides. You can enter data for the project on iNaturalist, here. If the word limit there leaves you yearning for more background on why we launched the […]

I am literally metal now

Posted: 21st March 2017 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Things that are Metal

Titanium isn’t quite as cool as adamantium, but I’ll take it.   As cool as my x-rays have been, I strongly recommend against breaking your leg. Zero stars. But if it happens to you, just know that it’s not all bad. I even wrote up a silly Buzzfeed article to keep up the spirits of […]

“Death Will Surely Follow”

Posted: 7th November 2014 by Metal Chick in Grad School, Project Ideas, Things that are Metal

Once upon a time at Harvard, I was working on a review of the Death Cap mushroom for the journal Mycologia, when I got distracted for half a year and wrote this popular science article for Slate instead. Since starting my new grad program at Berkeley, I’ve picked this project back up and am slowly making progress. […]

In many ways, Harry Potter had a pretty brutal life. He was orphaned, had abusive foster parents, and a spooky nose-less dude with a huge-ass snake tried to kill him all the time. Harry Potter had to fight hard for years against tough odds, and that’s metal. And though being a scientist is also metal, […]

The Rise of Mushroom Cocktails

Posted: 22nd April 2014 by Metal Chick in Things that are Metal

The popularity of mushroom cocktails is rising faster than Iron Maiden’s album Number of the Beast rode the music charts in 1982. My badass undergrad assistant sent me this link recently, which documents how mushroom cocktails are rapidly becoming crowd-pleasers across the US. And, as Maiden’s album was somewhat controversial here for its religious lyrics, the idea […]