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Cat Adams, aka “Metal Chick,” is a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying plant-fungal interactions. She thinks that science is pretty badass, and that more people should know just how hardcore science and scientists can be. If you are interested in writing guest posts, contact Cat at catadams at


Did you see my talk at the JGI 2017 User Meeting about unconscious bias in STEM? If you want to see those slides and my speaking notes, have at it!

Cat Adams_JGI Plenary_No_Extra_Slides


Want my extra slides about cognitive biases and fungi, and more content I prepared in case of questions? Here they are!

Cat Adams_JGI Meeting Extra Slides


If you want tips on how to increase the chances your next article goes viral, check out this talk I gave at Fungal Genetics 2017!

Fungal Genetics Talk


Looking for my talk, ‘How to use social media to boost your research career?’  Click the link below to download it.



Here is the even longer version that I gave at the Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI)!

JBEI_Social Media


Science writing takes practice. Want to see what getting edits from a real Science Journalism editor looks like? Here are track changes from Laura Helmuth, previous science editor at Slate (now at Washington Post), on the first draft of my piece about the Death Cap mushroom!


Who even is this lady? Check out my CV:


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