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Metal Chick hasn’t written many blog posts, mostly because she’s in grad school and is still trying to submit the MS from her Master’s. As such,  Twitter is the best place to follow her: @ScienceIsMetal

She also spends an awful lot of time on an organization she started called The Unconscious Bias Project. Check it out!

Sometimes, she uses her precious free writing time to write for other epic online sources:

BBC Earth

6 bizarre things about fungi.

The giant plants that eat meat.

Sharks reveal new super memory.


The Deadliest Mushroom

Lots of other websites have picked up the piece now, too! I was super stoked to help spread the word about this new treatment.
1) Discovery
2) Popular Science
3) Encyclopedia of Life
4) Slash Dot
5) New India Express
6) Bush Craft UK
7) Business Standard
8) Real Time News 
9) Real Clear Science
10) News.Nom.Co
11) Authint Mail
12) Taylor Amarel
13) Save Delete


Harvard Science in the News

One Man on Mars: An interview with Dr. Andrew Knoll

The Complicated Evolutionary History of Spicy Chili Peppers


Northwest Science and Technology Magazine

Return of the wolves: nursing streams back to health in Yellowstone.

Scientists propose new model for growth of Hawaiian volcanoes.


She was the first Communications Chair of the Mycological Society of America’s Student Section. Even if you’re not a student, you can follow cool news about mushrooms and fungi on Twitter: @MSAStudents and on Facebook.

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  1. Larry King says:

    Thanks for the Amanita phaloides article. Wanted to draw your attention to its description, distribution, occurrence etc in South Africa as it appears in ‘Mushrooms of Southern Africa’, van der Westhuizen GCA and Eicker Albert; Struik, Cape Town 1994; ISBN 1-86825-507-7.
    It has a wide distribution in here, where it forms mycorrhizae with oaks, pines and poplars. Would be happy to send you a scan of the relevant page of the book, which is now out of print.

  2. Metal Chick says:

    Hey Larry,
    Glad you liked the article! I’d be very curious to read about phalloides in South Africa. You can send me scans via my Harvard account, catharineadams at fas.harvard.edu

    Thanks so much!!